July 05, 2005

Ray-Ray re-ups

Is this deal going to bite the Sonics in the ass come 4 years from now when Ray Allen is 34? Probably, but this is the guy the Sonics had to keep. He's become the face of the franchise, and the team's most popular player by a wide margin.

He's also closer to a true star than the Sonics have had since the heyday of the Kemp-Karl-Glove team. As Bill Simmons asked, "are there 15 players that can have a bigger impact on a single game than Ray Allen?"

The Kings would say "no".

Now, get to work on Daniels, Radmanovic, Jerome James, Reggie Evans, Ronald Murray and most of all, Nate McMillan,

Posted by Frinklin at July 5, 2005 09:18 PM | TrackBack

A LOT of people ripped the Knicks when they resigned Allan Houston for that big money that one year, but really, the Knicks were in the same position that the Sonics are in (and the Bucks).

Yeah, the guy isn't WORTH the money, but the team absolutely could NOT survive the loss of the player.

Posted by: Brian Cronin at July 6, 2005 06:28 PM
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