August 05, 2005

Okay, so we’re finally somewhat settled in the new house.

No, that is a total lie. We are not settled. Find “settled” and go exactly 174 degrees from that. We are in a state of near-constant unsettledness.

If “unsettledness” is even a real word, that is.

This is where we stand: Our kitchen is close to being completely unpacked –though we can’t seem to find the damned spice rack- and our new stove has been installed. We haven’t actually used the stove yet. In fact, we haven’t even turned the damned thing on. This would be due to the unpacked boxes stacked upon it. Don’t want to burn down the house before we manage a mortgage payment. Also, the bird and his cage is still right smack in the middle of the kitchen. Why? No other place to put him at this point.

Our bedroom is closest to completion. Our bed is up, our nightstands and lamps are in the right place, our TV is installed, and most of our clothes are unpacked and hanging in our tiny closet with no door on it or folded and in the very nifty built-in. The office has the computer and desk put together and a giant mass of unplaced bookcases. The living room and dining room is a mess. We are able to walk in them, and even watch TV a little. After you move the spare queen-size box spring that is.

Upstairs we have a few neatly stacked storage boxes, a mattress and a chest-of drawers. It’s amazing that we managed to pick a house where the upstairs is of so little use. The space itself is fine. I’ve adapted to the sloped ceilings, and I’ve always loved the little window nooks. However, due to the size of our staircase, it turns out to be nearly impossible to get any furniture up there. The spare box spring I mentioned? It’s a spare because we couldn’t get it up the stairs. The mattress went up eventually, but the boxspring was a lost cause. As it is, we may end up with one entirely empty room up there. It will be the Zen Room apparently.

Notice I don’t mention the actual state of our furniture. It’s arrived. Every single piece of furniture with wood showing has at least one new nick or dent in it. Hell, our idiot movers managed to dent a piece of furniture they didn’t even move. I’ll explain: in the former Frinklin Manor our living room television was in a built-in entertainment unit. It was ugly, and weirdly sized, but it was functional. We decided on a cute Ikea TV stand to replace it in the new house. We picked it out in San Diego, but purchased in Seattle. It didn’t make any sense to pay for it to be moved. So, we picked it up and put it togther during the week off (you know, when we stupidly thought our furniture would be delivered, just because they told us it would). When the movers finally got here and delived the TV, they dropped it onto the stand, gouging the front of it. That’s all you need to know about our movers.

We now have the weekend where we will work like maniacs putting our house together. Hopefully our Craigslist ad will take care of our excess couches (we currently have 4-please don’t ask why), and we will be able to create actual rooms. Our new house looks a bit more house-like with every passing day. Hopefully this weekend it will take a huge leap.

It has to. I don’t think Ensie and my sanity can handle this much longer.

Wanna see what I mean?

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