August 25, 2005

QB Quandries

The Cougars have named Alex Brink their starting quarterback. I think this is a mistake. For all of Brink’s supposed headiness, all I saw was a scared kid who bolted from the pocket too quickly and wasn’t particularly accurate either. I’m not saying Swogger is the next Drew Bledsoe, but he is certainly more physically talented than Brink, and I haven’t seen anything from Brink that makes up for that.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

As for the Huskies quarterback problems, I have no idea what Willingham and Tim Lappano are thinking. While nothing is official, it seems that Isaiah Stanback will be under center for the Air Force game. The Huskies will be running a West Coast offense, and little -if any- option. Stanback has the strongest arm in the program, one of the strongest in the program’s history. Unfortunately, he has no idea whatsoever where the ball is going once he throws it. Stanback completes passes at around 36%. This is the guy you want handling an intricate, timing-based offense? What’s worse is that Stanback has an NFL future at wide receiver. The Huskies are basically taking a potential all-league receiver and making him into a mediocre QB.

That just doesn’t make sense.

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