September 02, 2005

A slight update

Well, since the college football season started this week, I had hoped to finish my previews. I haven't though, mostly since it just doesn't seem all that important this week. The degeneration into anarchy of a great American city has both horrified and enthralled me. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some time over the long weekend to finish up.

I did take the time to watch the Cougars yesterday evening take on Idaho. If the Cougs expect to be a surprise team in the Pac-10 this season -and I expect them to be- they will have to improve, and improve quickly. Brink was a marginal factor the first quarter, awful in the second and great in the second half. He wasn’t helped by Jason Hill either. Two touchdowns just about make up for the drops and interference penalties, but he’ll have to get his head in the game.

My father’s birthday present from Ensie and I this year was tickets to the Huskies-Air Force game tomorrow at Qwest Field (Plenty of good seats still available). I’ll update and maybe have pictures this weekend.

Enjoy Labor Day everyone, and keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers.

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