September 21, 2005

Stuff like this keeps me up at night

I take the train to and from work each day, from Freighthouse Square in Tacoma to King Street Station in Seattle and back again. Each day I see the same thing, and each day I wonder “what the hell is with this?” Unlike King Street, which is a place for trains and not much else, Freighthouse Square fancies itself as a bit of a destination. Really, it’s a somewhat sad attempt at replicating Pike Place Market, only missing the permanent farmer’s market, most of the charm and most…well, all of the people. It’s a nice try, and the art gallery upstairs and a couple of the restaurants deserve better. Anyway, the train arrives outside of the square and you have to pass through the building to get to the parking garage. As you enter the building there is a small sign that says “Caution: Watch for Trucks”.

Let me repeat that, as you enter the building it warns you to look out for trucks. As you exit the building on the other side, there are no warnings. Nothing about cars, buses, light rail, airplane, dirigibles, horse-drawn carriages… nothing. Nor is there any warning as you go back out to the train platform, which strikes me as odd. I would think that trains on a train platform would be a more immediate danger than trucks inside a building.

I have been wrong before.

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