October 04, 2005

Frinklin Hockey Forecaster

The NHL returns tomorrow, after a year-long absence. I’m far more excited about its return than I thought I would be. The year missed was brutal, but perhaps it was effective. It certainly set up the most exciting off-season in recent NHL history. Phenoms Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin arrive. Legends like Mark Messier, Ron Francis and Scott Stevens called it a career. Big names like Peter Forsberg, Scott Neidemeyer and Paul Kariya went to new teams, Nashville of all places for Kariya. Wayne Gretzky is now an owner-coach and Mario Lemeiux is still an owner-player. New rules should mean faster, more exciting hockey. The NHL even has a new home on the Outdoor Life Network. You mean I have to find OLN on my cable?

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
1. Philadelphia Flyers
2. New Jersey Devils
3. Pittsburgh Penguins
4. New York Islanders
5. New York Rangers

Northeast Division
1. Ottawa Senators
2. Boston Bruins
3. Montreal Canadiens
4. Buffalo Sabers
5. Toronto Maple Leafs

Southeast Division
1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Atlanta Thrashers
3. Florida Panthers
4. Carolina Hurricanes
5. Washington Capitals

Eastern Division Champion: Ottawa Senators

Western Conference
Central Division
1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Nashville Predators
3. Columbus Blue Jackets
4. Chicago Blackhawks
5. St. Louis Blues

Northwest Division
1. Calgary Flames
2. Vancouver Canucks
3. Colorado Avalanche
4. Edmonton Oilers
5. Minnesota Wild

Pacific Division
1. San Jose Sharks
2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks
3. Dallas Stars
4. Los Angles Kings
5. Phoenix Coyotes

Western Conference Champion: Calgary Flames
Stanley Cup Champion: Ottawa Senators

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Thank you! Finally, somebody with an ounce of sense giving the Ducks their props!

Posted by: Richard at October 4, 2005 11:00 PM

Were you planning on picking a Western Conference winner, too?

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at October 5, 2005 01:30 PM


Updated now.

Posted by: frinklin at October 5, 2005 10:08 PM
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