November 10, 2005

Your Not-So-SuperSonics

Is available?

What, four games into the season is a bit too early for that? I’m not so sure. I wasn’t sold on Weiss’ hiring at all. He hadn’t been a head coach in 12 years, after very forgettable stints with the Spurs, Hawks and Clippers. In his stint the Sonics as an assistant he was most definitely the Good Cop to Nate McMillan’s hardass Bad Cop. I worried that without Nate (and Dwayne Casey), to push them, the Sonics would play lackadsical defense and play up to their soft, jump-shooting rep.

Then they lost Antonio Daniels and replaced him with Rick Brunson, which is akin to swapping Bo and Luke for Coy and Vance.

Then they played awfully in the preseason.

Then they blew a lead against the Clips.

Then they were blown out against Memphis and Cleveland.

Then Vlad spouted off about his minutes and said he would give Weiss “10-12 more games” before demanding a trade.

Suffice to say, the good vibes brought on by last year’s plucky underdogs is a bit frayed at the edges.

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