December 14, 2005

What is the More Important Information?

For some reason, I’ve always remembered an episode of The Flinstones with almost perfect clarity. Fred and Barney are going to a costume party dressed as spacemen, and there is a pop group called “The Wayouts” who also dress as spacemen and the boys are confused with the band. There is also a War of the Worlds-type marketing campaign around the band and most of Bedrock believes they are being invaded by aliens. Hijinks occur.

You might wonder why I would relay this. Well, the Missus and I have a fenced back yard here at the new house (how long can I call it a new house?). Since we live “in the city” we put padlocks on both gates to the backyard. These locks are combination locks, and they use the same combination.

A combination I cannot, for the life of me, remember under any circumstances.

Yet, I can remember the Wayouts, and even sing their theme song.

I would be much smarter if it weren’t for such things.

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