December 22, 2005

My Condolences

Yesterday the discussion was about how much of a preseason feel Saturday’s game between the Seahawks and Colts would have. Two teams with little to play for heading to the playoffs. The Colts can’t improve their positioning in any way, and the ‘Hawks are one win or one Chicago loss away from locking in home-field advantage throughout. Would Payton play more than a quarter? Would Coach Holmgren leave his horses in until everything was settled? Since the stakes were low, could this still be considered a Super Bowl preview? Probably not, since the odds are low that Jim Sorgi and Seneca Wallace will face off in Detroit.

Now, none of that seems to mean much. Colt Coach Tony Dungy’s son, 18-year old James, was found dead in his apartment in Tampa this morning. This awful event obviously casts a pall over the game on Saturday, and the thoughts and prayers of Seahawk fans are with the Dungy family.

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