December 28, 2005

Mandatory Fun

“Are you ready for Terry’s birthday?”

This comes from Sandy, a woman in my unit at work. I don’t much like her to begin with. She’s an annoying, chirpy woman who thinks everything should be pink and ends every sentence with a question.

She also dots her “I”s with little hearts, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Anyway… my immediate reaction was “huh?”

Why would I care about Terry’s birthday? This is another woman in our unit. Far less annoying but not someone I’m particularly close too. I’m not particularly close to anyone in my unit up here, actually. I’m surrounded by bitter, nasty people. It chills my soul when I think I could, with time, become them.

“It’s Terry’s birthday on Thursday?”


“We have a birthday club here? The person with the previous birthday has to plan a potluck and pick up a cake for the next birthday? I know we told you about it? Terry really likes cheesecake so you should get that?”

Seriously? This was like one breath.

Apparently then I’ve been drafted into the mandatory fun. I hate mandatory fun. Company picnics, Christmas parties, crap like this. If I wanted to be friends with these people I would be. Yet I lack the strength to say, “No… I don’t like crap like this.”

So now I’m out 35 bucks for a cheesecake and a card. I’d also like to point out that the cake for my birthday was a nasty grocery store job coated with lard pretending to be frosting.

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