January 03, 2006

I guess FireBobWeiss.com won’t be necessary

I feel for the guy, I really do. Bob Weiss has taken some of the most misbegotten NBA jobs available. Hell, any one man who coaches both the Clippers and the Hawks deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award. It was nice too that an original Sonic got the job too.

But I got no problems with seeing Weiss get fired today. He might have thought it as close to a dream job as he would ever come, but in reality it wasn’t anything close. Bob Weiss was a nice guy in a job that needs an asshole. Nate McMillan, for all his qualities, had a great deal of asshole in him. Not every team needs a hardass coach, but this Sonic team sure seems to. Without McMillan’s constant prodding, Vladimir Radmanovic disappeared completely, Luke Ridnour seems lost, Ray Allen has forgotten how to play defense, and Danny Fortson is even crazier than he was before.

I give the Sonics this much credit: The recognized the mistake and corrected it. They could have given Weiss a year and then fired him, but this is a team that needs fan support and needs to drum up some sort of excitement for an arena replacement. All is not lost. Nobody in the Northwest division has run away. Hell, the Nuggets and T-Wolves are stumbling along with the Supes. Is Bob Hill the guy? Probably not, and neither is Lenny Wilkens, who shouldn’t even be considered at this point. Hill will almost certainly finish the season, and the Sonics will take it from there.

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