January 16, 2006

And Good Riddance, You Jerk

The always-classy Patriots QB Tom Brady on who he'll be rooting for now that his team has been bounced from the playoffs:

"It's going to be hard to watch those games," he said. "Can both teams lose?"

(from ESPN)

This is the same Tom Brady who was whining not long ago about the "disrespect" the Pats were allegedly receiving, this despite the fact that the team has received more love, bordering on worship, from the sporting press than any team since the Jordan-era Bulls.

So sorry you lost, Tommy. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Enjoy the couch.

Posted by Mediocre Fred at January 16, 2006 02:15 PM | TrackBack

After what happened to the Patriots and Colts this weekend I was so upset I found myself walking around laughing for no reason.

Give credit to Brady for one thing though: Unlike Manning, who felt the need to blame his line for Sunday's disaster, he didn't throw his teammates under the bus.

Posted by: frinklin at January 16, 2006 04:58 PM

Fair point. Manning was also an idiot this weekend, as was Joey Porter (making a 9/11 reference while complaining about getting screwed by the refs). But Brady's comment, which no one else is talking about, really stuck in my craw, because it shows how spoiled he is.

Nonetheless, like you, I'm so distraught about the Patriots and Colts losing that I can't stop giggling.

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at January 16, 2006 05:47 PM

Be sure to point this out to Peter King at SI, who a few months ago told us we were all bad people for not collectively liking the Patriots more--in part because they were such good sports. It's easy to be a good sport when you're winning, isn't it?

Posted by: Carl at January 17, 2006 05:05 AM
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