January 17, 2006

Sunday Can't Come soon enough

The Crushed Optimists are letting the national media get to them.

Despite the fact that Seattle has the best record in the NFC, despite the fact that Seattle went 9-0 at home this year, despite the fact that Matt Hasselbeck is without question the best quarterback left in the playoffs, despite all this and more, everybody seems to love the Panthers.


Let blabbering idiots like Salisbury and Golic yammer about how great Carolina is.

Let Don Banks at SI.com claim that Nick Goings (Nick Goings!) will out-gain Shaun Alexander by 40 yards.

Let Jeffri Chadiha, also of SI, state that Carolina’s attitude will beat the Seahawks all by itself. Which begs the question: Who the fuck is Jeffri Chadiha?

Let Peter King continue to claim that two eliminated teams are still better than the Seahawks.

Let Dr. Z ramble on about how “roughneck” the Panthers are, just like he did Washington. Please, every time Zimmerman uses the word “roughneck” I for some reason read it as “rough trade” which makes me think of Paul Zimmerman in ways that no one should ever have to.

Let Clark Judge continue to remind us that Carolina is very “tough-minded” and can deal with crowd noise since they pipe it in during their practices.

Please media-types, keep it coming. Keep reminding us how good the Panthers are.

Please continue to claim that John Fox is a GOD AMONGST MEN, towering over mere coaches like the Sphinx does Giza. Remind us that Steve Smith is so fast he can turn back time, and his tears are not water, but pure diamonds.

It will only be sweeter when the Seahawks send their asses home to Charlotte.

Posted by Frinklin at January 17, 2006 11:02 PM | TrackBack

I know I shouldn't let those guys get to me, but you're right. Let them talk, and let's see the Hawks play on Sunday.

Always enjoy reading you guys!

Posted by: colin_hesse at January 18, 2006 06:33 PM

I especially love the way the talking heads act as though they're being ballsy by picking the Panthers, going against the grain of popular opinion... and yet of all the pick columns I've read so far, a grand total of one commentator -- King Kaufman of Salon -- is taking the Seahawks in this game.

Seattle 28, Carolina 17

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at January 20, 2006 01:22 PM

I hadn't seen Kaufman. The only pro-Seattle national head I've seen is Nunyo Demasio of SI. It also must be stated that A-Demasio, while from New York, worked for the Seattle Times for several years, and B-Picked the Redskins last week.

Posted by: frinklin at January 20, 2006 01:43 PM

Deadspin put it best today: . It’s like everyone forgot how good they were all year. They, like, won a lot in a row, you know.. Will picked the Seahawks. We are alone in the wilderness though.

Posted by: frinklin at January 20, 2006 01:47 PM
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