January 25, 2006

Crazy Fans

I love this stuff. Rich Eisen, who writes a rather enjoyably goofy column for NFL.com, accidentally called Seahawk WR Darrell Jackson “Dexter Jackson” last week. His punishment was scads of ticked off emails from Seahawk fans upset at the apparent snub. The best part? About half of them were very upset that Eisen not know who “Darryl Jackson” is.

Please, don’t fire off indignant emails that misspell what you’re indignant about.

Nothing Seahawk fans do though can be as creepy as the Steeler Baby. I found this via Deadspin, and I dare you –seriously, I triple-dog dare you- not to click on the “OBEY” function and not be freaked out enough to run out of the room.

Try it.

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