March 16, 2006

Good News, Bad News

The Good news is that the Huskies beat Utah State pretty handily. The game wasn’t always pretty –both teams started so cold it was 2-0 five freakin’ minutes in - but it never seemed that UW was in any trouble. Brandon Roy just dominated, finishing with 28 points and 6 assists.

The Bad? It was so damned late (nearly 1:00 AM on the east coast) that it guarantees that nobody East of say, Nevada, will have any idea how good Roy was. Saturday’s game against Illinois will be different. If Roy plays like he did tonight, the Huskies will win.

Of course, I think UW wins anyway.

Lost among the thrilling finishes (Winthrop - Tennessee, UNC-Wilmington – George Washington, Pacific – BC) and the upsets (Montana, Alabama and UW-Milwaukee all beat higher seeds but sure looked like better teams) will be just how bad San Diego State yacked all over themselves. What? A Steve Fisher team having problems in pressure situations? Shocking, ain’t it? First Brandon Heath mistakenly thought he would have been called for backcourt violation after getting the ball slapped away from him. Then, on the ensuing Indiana possession Marcus Slaughter deflected a pass… right to a wide-open Robert Vaden, who immediately hit the go-ahead three. To finish it off, Mohammed Camara pulls a Ryan Leaf and send the desperation in-bounds past the Indiana backboard.

It was not pretty.

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