April 02, 2006

Anakin’s really let himself go, or our day at Emerald Con

Saturday the Missus and I hit Emerald City Comic Con. As I’d mentioned previous, this was the first non-San Diego convention either of us had ever attended. This was the biggest Emerald Con yet, with an attendance over 7,000 expected. It was –if such a thing exists- a relaxing convention. Full, but not terribly crowded; busy but never frenzied. We enjoyed ourselves. A few things we noticed:

-I’m not able to confirm this, but I swear the only costumed attendees were dressed as Jedi. The best was a detailed Anakin outfit from RoTS, scars included and the hair pretty close to perfect. The only noticeable flaw was the wearer. He was about the same height as Hayden Christensen, but about 50 pounds heavier. This led to a running joke between Ensie and I. It was like Anakin hadn’t gone to the darkside. He just let himself go a bit. Instead of slaughtering the Jedi, why not a couple donuts and a nap?

-For the first time ever I had a creator sign a book I bought. It was Kurt Busiek and I got all fanboyish on him, stammering about how much I like the “Up, Up, and Away” storyline. As well, I should, it’s pretty close to awesome. My wife mocked me for this. Next to Busiek’s table was Pia Guerra, the artist and co-creator of Y the Last Man, which my wife and I both read. Ensie flipped through an advance copy of the next issue while Kurt Busiek sang an impromptu song about Y the Last Man. I can’t put in to words how surreal this was.

-Our best find was a print Ensie spied going through Artist’s Alley. She burst out laughing, and the artist, without looking up from his sketch says, “It’s the penguin, right?”

Yes it was. You can see it here. And you’re damned right we bought a copy.

-The Qwest Field Events Center must get the workers that wash out from the Stadium and Safeco Field. While I’ve never had a difficulty with anyone at Qwest or Safeco, the concession workers at the Event Center were unbelievably rude.

-Beyond that, it was a great time.

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