April 21, 2006

Really? Zubaz?

It isn't every day when we have a tie in The Most Ridiculous Item of Clothing Seen During My Day Contest.

I had that today. First, I was getting coffee in the morning, and happened upon a man in his mid-twenties wearing a Ryan Leaf Charger jersey. Don't see those much. Then this afternoon I looked out the window and saw a young woman wearing Zubaz pants. Boy, I hope THOSE come back.

I know it's National High-Five Day. I was unaware that is was National Wear the Last Thing in Your Closet Day as well. Let me know next year and I'll wear a flannel tied around my waist

Posted by Frinklin at April 21, 2006 12:04 AM | TrackBack

Make sure you have your second flannel available. One to wear normally and one to wear around your waist.

Posted by: Brandon at April 24, 2006 08:40 PM
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