May 19, 2006

The Money and What We Do With It

My Grandmother’s will was read this week. I wasn’t in it. Not a complete shock; our relationship was poisoned well before she had it written. Recently though we had a rapprochement, and she had mentioned more than once she needed to rewrite the will to add me in. She also mentioned she wanted to write a couple of her own children and maybe one or two of my cousins. She did this weekly, so it wasn’t something I paid much attention to. This was one of the great mysteries of the past week: Which version of the will was the real one.

It turns out to be the one written several years ago. None of my aunts or cousins were ever written out, though one of them did get a bit less than the others. Me? Nowhere mentioned. Disappointing? Yeah, but not that big a deal in the long run. I was -and this actually surprised me a bit- really just glad that I had a relationship with her before she died.

It wasn’t good enough for my father though. He is -out of his share of the estate- giving me the same amount each of my cousins received. Grandma wasn’t a woman of tremendous means, but she and my late grandfather did plan well and had a considerable nest egg. So now, the Missus and I have a decision to make. We’ve already spent hours thinking about what to do. The money isn’t huge, but it’s enough to do one big thing. The question is what. We could use the whole thing and have the house resided and repainted. Or just part of it and repaint. Or we could redo the bathroom. Maybe we should re-plumb the house? Pay off the newer car and replace the quickly aging pick-up truck?

The mind boggles.

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