June 15, 2006

Just Because It Bears Repeating

Here is White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, as quoted in Tim Keown's column for Page 2, discussing Sox shortstop Juan Uribe's new child, born on June 6th:

"Every time I see a kid in the clubhouse, I ask whose it is, and it's always Uribe's. Maybe he has 20, I don't know. … I don't know what kind of kid you're going to be when you're born on 6-6-6. If he's like his dad, he's going to be a problem."

Now, I assume that this was meant as affectionate teasing on Ozzie's part. But am I the only one who concluded that Guillen was hinting that Uribe, um, plays around? I wonder what Uribe's wife thinks of this quote.

Either way, Ozzie Guillen is already well-known for being, well, "colorful." But there's a fine line between colorful and criminally insane. Could you picture Jim Leyland, Bobby Cox or Frank Robinson saying this sort of thing about a player on his own team?

By the way, I looked it up, and this was Uribe's fourth child. With his wife, anyhow.

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