June 29, 2006

The Sonics Draft: Slight Return

As I have disliked Steve Kelly for some time now, it’s difficult to find myself agreeing with the Peroxided Wonder.

Even more difficult when you consider his bizarre stop-and start columns.

But he nails it -nails it, I say- with this piece on the Sonics draft and the collective “Ehhh” that it caused.

This was a chance to create some good will, to get the city talking basketball in the midst of the Mariners' revival. It was a chance for the Sonics to grab some positive headlines before the start of Seahawks camp.
But they blew it.
Someday maybe we'll look at this pick as genius. Maybe someday Sund and Hill and the Sonics staff will be hailed as visionaries, latter-day de Gamas.
But today, chucking their 10th pick on a project from Senegal looks purely wasteful.
It's enough to make you ask ... huh?

Much easier to agree with is Bill Simmons, who might be slipping in recent months, but the Draft Diary never disappoints.

8:36 -- Our first wild-card pick of the draft! Saer Sene and his 7-foot-8 wingspan go to Seattle at No. 10, despite the fact that he learned to make a layup off the correct foot just 12 months ago. (True story.) On the bright side, he averaged three points a game in a Belgian professional league this season. He's the homeless man's Desagana Diop. We might need to disband the Sonics. Seriously. It's time. Enough is enough. Even the ESPN guys are killing this pick.

Is that serious? This kid didn’t know how to make a layup a year ago? How much is Rick Sund thanking God for the continuing madness that is Zeke the GM?

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