July 04, 2006

Next Year We’re shooting for new water heater

The Frinklins are on vacation this week, and the Frinklin-in-laws are visiting. Much has been planned, much has not. Today was “play it by ear”. The Missus woke up and called the in-laws.

“They want to take it easy today. Just a barbeque and we can watch the fireworks from the house” she says.

“We don’t own a grill; do they know that?”

“They’re going to buy us one.”

Okay, seriously? This isn’t the first time the Frinklin-in-laws have decided to purchase a big item for the Frinklin House. When we moved in, my father-in-law decided we needed a new lawnmower and about $500 worth of tools beyond that.

Still, a barbeque? Do they realize I’ve never grilled a damned thing in my life?

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