September 06, 2006

Frinklin Football Forecaster: NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboy’s defense could be scary-good, with young studs like Demarcus Ware and Terence Newman. The offense could be scary-good, if Drew Bledsoe stays healthy and gets time to throw to TO and Terry Glenn. The chemistry of this team could just be scary. Boom or bust territory for Bill Parcells here.

2. Philadelphia Eagles
Last year’s implosion earns the Eagles a last-place schedule. Donovan McNabb is healthy again and has a pretty impressive chip on his shoulder. This team is loaded on both lines and the defensive backfield. So why is it just assumed that this team isn’t a Super Bowl contender. Do the Eagles have much of a running game? No, but they never did before. A team too many people are overlooking.

3. Washington Redskins
One of the oldest clichés in football is that the preseason doesn’t matter. Man, the Redskins better hope that’s the case because the ‘Skins have been dreadful. Washington loaded up on free agents -again- pulling in Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd at receiver, Andre Carter on the d-line, plus yet another premier assistant coach in Al Saunders. The problem lies under center; Mark Brunell is a fringe NFL starter at this point, and Jason Campbell is nowhere near ready. Throw in an injury scare for Clinton Portis, and you have another disappointing season in DC.

4. New York Giants
Realistically the four NFC East teams could all finish anywhere from first to last, but this is my choice for last in the division. The Giants looked like world-beaters last season before blasted at home in the playoffs against Carolina. The team then went into various stages of revolt against coach Tom Coughlin. That will continue this year as Eli takes a big step backwards.

Champion: Dallas Cowboys
Wild Card: Philadelphia Eagles

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