November 08, 2006

A Little Horn-Tooting, Buckeye-Style

Since I have so few opportunities to be right about something, I wanted to point this out to the world: Back in 2004, Timothy Noah of Slate wrote a relatively silly article threatening that if John Kerry didn't win Ohio, Jerry Springer would be the Democratic nominee for governor in 2006.

I responded to Noah's lunatic notion by writing an incredibly boring post in which I analyzed the Ohio Democratic bench to figure out who the Democrats might choose instead of Springer. The article was widely acclaimed as a sure cure for insomnia, as well as a frightening example of political dorkishness, particularly given that I don't even live in Ohio. But I want to draw your attention to my conclusion.

After sorting through all the Democratic possibilities, I concluded that the two most viable possibilities were Reps. Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown. Noting that Brown seemed to flirt with running for higher office largely to keep state Republicans from messing with his district, I concluded that the most probable choice was Strickland. I also pointed out that a Senate seat was coming up the same year, and the Democrats would have to find someone to run for that.

So, fast forward to the present.

Who is the Governor-elect of Ohio? Ted Strickland.

Who is the Senator-elect from Ohio? Sherrod Brown.

See, my post may have been tedious and boring, but at least I was right!

Perhaps this will help my ego recover from the fact that my own mother kicked my butt at picking the MLB playoffs. By the way, she thinks I did a good job cleaning the basement, but tells me I forgot to clean behind the water heater. Sigh.

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