December 11, 2006

Fun With the Sickness

Iíve been largely absent from the blog recently. My show opens on Thursday, we have dress rehearsal on Wednesday and most of my time and energy has been concentrated there. That and trying -and failing- to stay healthy.

I had quite the reputation for getting sick during shows, you know, back when I did this more than once a decade. Now, I never missed a single show, never disrupted any schedules. I just had an annoying tendency to get nagging illnesses and give my directors just one more damned thing to worry about. The worst was my freshman year in college. I was Doc in a production of Tennessee Williamsí Small Craft Warnings. I actually lost my voice completely about four days before our open, which nearly gave the director, an entertainingly queeny gay man named Mark an aneurysm. I was fine though, and the show was brilliant, the best production Iíve ever been a part of.

So now Iíve done it again. Iíve been battling a cold for about two weeks now, and like many an asthmatic I can get a pretty nasty wheezing cough. Iíve controlled it well enough, but coughing just enough to make my director wonder if Iím going to be okay. It got worse this morning though, and my poor boss -in town from the hinterlands of the Midwest- was almost certain I was going to fall down and die at my desk. She sent me home, and Ensie forced me to go the doctor. Good thing she did, as it turns out I have a very nasty case of bronchitis.

Not what I need three days before I open. My doctor did give me some killer cough medicine, but itís laced with codeine and Iím just loopy enough not to be trusted with heavy machinery. No matter. Iíll get it together as I always do.

Oh, and the show is going to kill. The cast is good enough to make me feel out of depth, which I think says something. My acting is just about the only thing I have an ego about.

If youíre in Tacoma, come and see it. Get your tickets here, and try to figure out just which cast member I am.

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