December 17, 2006

Iím a rational man, MacArthur; tell me that isnít snow.

Christ, Iím tired.

Okay, my last seven days in a nutshell: illness, boss in from out of town, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, opening night, major windstorm, power outages, more shows, Christmas party with the director, dinner with parents, review in the paper, closing night, set breakdown.

Again, Christ Iím tired.

The past week has been a blur of shows, sets and catastrophic weather. I look forward to this upcoming week, when all I have to do is work and figure out Christmas.

For those interested, the (highly complimentary) review is here in the Tacoma News Tribune, and the Missus has a photographic look on how our neighborhood lived through the windstorm.

Oh, and tonight the washing machine busted and flooded the laundry room. It never stops, now does it?

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