February 12, 2007

Now that we've gotten the major characters out of the way

From Progressive Ruin via Kalinara, we see that Nicholas Cage made an innocous joke about Ghost Rider co-star Eva Mendes playing the She-Hulk. Immediately this turned into a minor rumor of an actual She-Hulk movie. Mike makes the point (and Kalinara expounds) that a She-Hulk movie might actually be pretty good. I totally agree, but with one caveat: Dan Slott's current She-Hulk series is better than all but 1-2 current super hero books and Marvel can't seem to give the damned thing away.

Then again, Cage made the joke while doing pub work for Ghost Rider, a character that has faded from popularity so quickly his book has been canceled approximately 672 times in the past 20 years, including once in the middle of a storyline.

Also, it's 2007 and there is no Green Lantern movie.

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