February 20, 2007

When I could have very well gotten my ass kicked

Traffic was a nightmare tonight. I made a tactical error and took the express bus home tonight instead of the train. If I take the train I know when I get home. It arrives precisely at 6:40. The express bus is a bit of a crapshoot. I've gotten to the station (same place as the train) as early as 6:10 and as late as 7:00. It all depends on the traffic between Seattle and Tacoma. I took the chance today since I needed the extra time to clean the house up a bit before the Missus came home. She's been out of town. Did I forget to mention that?

Anyway, the traffic tonight was awful; as bad as I've ever seen. It was after 7:00 before we even got to the outskirts of Tacoma. We finally get closer to downtown and we begin to see police everywhere. Flashing lights off in this direction, closed lane to that direction, uniformed cops directing traffic. People started murmuring on the bus. This must be some horrible accident, or maybe a crime scene.

No, it was something much worse.


Yeah, these inexplicably popular masters of middle-brow white-guy rawk headlined a concert at the Tacoma Dome tonight, causing the traffic crunch. Unfortunately for me, the train station, bus depot and the dome are all in the same place. Hence the name Tacoma Dome Station. The parking garage that I use as a commuter was switched over for the concert goers, so I had to wade my way through them just to get to my car. After being on that damned bus for over two hours, I was tired and ticked off. All I wanted to do was get home, feed the dogs and then rush to the airport to pick Ensie up.

“DUDE! Nickleback fuckin' rules! WHOOOOOO!”

He was about 20, my height, a tad overweight, possessing of a thin, poorly shaved goatee. He was obviously excited and smelled of cheap beer and marijuana. I don't think he was purposefully shouting at me, but he was right in front of me and the effect was him screaming about how much Nickleback ruled right to my face. I stopped, and against my better judgment, I had to disagree.

“No”, I said “Nickleback sucks. Really sucks.”

I had killed whatever good buzz this fellow had. His eyes hardened and he came closer to me.

“Dude?! What the fuck?”

At this point I realized I should have kept my rock-snob mouth shut. It seemed I was about to get my ass kicked by a drunken Nickleback fan in parking garage. Luckily for all concerned, his friend grabbed him by the shoulder and urged him to continue. I later found that the concert began at 7:30, meaning my friend was already late. Don't want to miss the suck-ass opening act.

In case you were wondering, a Nickleback concert may very well be the whitest place on Earth.

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