February 24, 2007

Amateur Comic Review: Week of 2.21.2007

Sweet Jesus, this was a big week.

52 Week #42
This book is done picking up steam – it now seems to be hurtling towards conclusion. This may well be the strongest issue yet, featuring the best artist yet seen on this project; the talented veteran Darick Robertson. Other than the opening three pages focusing on Renee Montoya (three pages that seem to confirm her destiny, mind you), this issue is given over to the conclusion to the Ralph Dibney – Fate's Helmet story, and does so with a twist. This issue really cooks, and presents Ralph in the best light possible. The ending is a bit of a downer, but one in keeping with the overall arc.

The Spirit #3
Another month, another spectacular issue by Darwyn Cooke. Here the Spirit hears a name from his past and flashes back to his origin. Cook switches to a slightly sketchier style for the flashback, and uses the voices of several different characters to tell several elements of the same story. Letterer Jared Fletcher switches fonts for each, and the overall effect is excellent; both readable and dramatic. Since the beginning, this series has been a masterful mix of modern and classic. This is the best book DC puts out, and there isn't much that comes close.

Superman #659
Well, this is a bit of a mess. This was supposed to be #660, with a Krypto the Superdog story slated for #659. That issue was pulled, pushing up this rather muddled Superman-as-Angel tale. It's told as a series of flashbacks as Superman is ruminating on what Arion told him about his possible demise – and that of the entire world – in the previous two-parter. That is actually the first leg of an extended and rather ambitious storyline that shows real promise. This, however, is just a classic fill-in issue. Mediocre art, forgettable plot and a rather unappealing sub-plot. The best thing this issue has going is the striking cover art.

Robin #159
Each month since Adam Beechen took over, Robin has delivered a straightforward, enjoyable superhero story. His Tim Drake has been dead-on, a far cry from the Robin from Teen Titans. Good news, since Beechen is taking over that title in a few months. Here we get Tim and Zoanne's first date, with an unexpected visit from Batman. Here Batman is a far more human character than you see in most DC books, especially in Grant Morrison's over-the-top Batman.

Birds of Prey #103
This issue – this storyline really – has been all split personality. We have the good BoP stuff like Barbara meeting her match in the very cool but very poorly named Spy Smasher. We also have a nicely twisting mob caper, an unexpected double-cross and a couple of great Gail Simone lines (“Look, I just threw a car at the last guy who called me fat. Just a reminder”). So why doesn't it work? Because the big change in this book, going from a set team (family really) to this hey-let's-draft-anybody-with-boobs setup is really misfiring. Barda and Judomaster? Really? This book is currently overstuffed, and that is drowning out what's likable about it.

Wonder Woman #4
Yeah, who would have thought that Civil War wouldn't be the most delayed book out this week? This new Wonder Woman title is a bit of a disaster for DC, as TV writer Allan Heinberg has been preposterously behind schedule. While this is part four of “Who is Wonder Woman?”, part five won't becoming out until after the next story arc, this one written by novelist Jodi Picoult. This issue actually ends on a bit of cliffhanger, as Diana is surrounded by her entire rogues gallery. We'll be seeing part five of this storyline right after Damon Lindelof turns in a Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine script.

What sucks about this is that Heinberg has actually done a pretty nice job with this title. He has a real handle on Diana, and his revamp of her villains was both necessary and effective. While he misses the mark completely with Donna Troy – she's not a novice at this, you know – Heinberg does well by the current Wonder Girl and the addition of Nemesis gives Diana a needed foil. Helping the cause are Terry and Rachel Dodson, doing some of the best work of their careers. It's a shame this book doesn't come out more often. We'll see how it goes with the new team.

Shadowpact #10
Finally this title shows some life again. Following the excellent Day of Vengeance mini I was really excited about this title. The first nine issues of this series made me question exactly why that was. Except for some good lines from the Detective Chimp and a interesting work around 52, Shadowpact the ongoing has been middling at-best. The previous issue showed some signs of life, and this builds upon that. Most importantly, the title is entertaining again, contrasting the team's anguish over Nightmaster's injury with the odd innocence of Laura Fell.

Ion #11
I think I'm just waiting for this maxi-series to end. Ion has been more interesting than entertaining, revealing much of the big secret regarding 52. Here we don't even get that much, just an on-and-off fight scene with Grayven, who sports a world-class mullet. Add the rather uninteresting sub-plot about Kyle's mom and wasted guest appearances from a trio of Lanterns, and there just isn't much here. The one highlight is Kyle's rather honest reaction to the return of Donna Troy. Donna, unlike in Wonder Woman seems to know what she's doing.

The Brave and the Bold #1
Reviving DC's seminal team-up title was a nice move, using superstar creators Mark Waid and George Perez to do so even better. This first issue teams Batman (appropriate, since the original title was always “Batman and...) and Hal Jordan. The characterization is nice and easy, unlike the current JLA title, where Bats doesn't trust Hal at all. They follow the clues to Las Vegas, get off some good lines and some great Bruce Wayne scenes and then end up heading for the stars. This is a defiantly old-school title, one that could have been released in 1967, 1987 or now. If that excites you, go for it.

Invincible #39
The line above the title here is “Probably the most enjoyable superhero comic in the universe” and that is hard to argue. This month our heroes blast off for Mars, trying to stop the massing Sequid/Martian army. Mark and Eve deal with the fall-out from the end of last issue, Shapesmith comes clean, and the Lizard League plots a return. Throw in the continuation of the note-perfect (if slightly weird) coupling of Robot and Monster Girl and you have a comic that lives up to billing.

Rex Mundi #4
A bit of a down issue for this deeply complex and involving alternate world comic. Despite the striking cover image the Duke of Lorraine is barely in this issue, as it concentrates on Julian, Gen and a primer on magic. Throw in a fight scene and the return of the Man in White, and it just seems a little light. Now, one must remember that a “light” issue of Rex Mundi contains about a thousand times more information than your average comic. There is one nice reveal here and much is being set up for the future. Juan Ferreyra's art continues to be a revelation. His painted style fits this book perfectly. The newspaper was noticeably absent.

Really, that about says it right there. This book needs a newspaper to explain itself. Not for everybody, but for those with a historical bent this is the comic to read.

She-Hulk #16
At this point I'm almost ashamed to admit I ignored this book for so long. Continuing Jen's stay with SHIELD, this issue finds her fighting the Wendigo deep in the Canadian Rockies. And you know what that means right? Yep, a Wolverine guest star. Here it actually works to very good effect, along with a smattering of ex-Alpha Flight members. Dan Slott is criminally underused by Marvel, and his dialougue is among the best in comics. This manages to combine the silly and self-referential along with a real heart. Slott's take on She-Hulk, showing both her confidence and deep underlying desperation will eventually be remembered along with Peter David's reinterpretation of her cousin.

Oh, and any book that uses the line, “First rule of the Fastball Special: You don't talk about the Fastball Special” and gets away with it is worth owning.

The Immortal Iron Fist # 3
Every few years both DC and Marvel will go through a spasm of attempting to reintroduce a series of '70's characters. Marvel, with revamps of Heroes for Hire, She-Hulk, Ghost Rider the spectacular Brian K. Vaughn Dr. Strange mini and this series, is currently hip-deep. Throw in upcoming versions of The Champions and Nova and it is 1978 all over again. The thing is, disregarding Heroes and GR, these comprise some of Marvel's best books. We live in a world where She-Hulk and Iron Fist are about a hundred times better than Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man and that just isn't right.

You wouldn't expect a book with no fewer than six creators cover billed (Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Aja, Travel Foreman, Derek Fridolfs and Russ Heath) to work this well but it does. Brubaker and Fraction are reinventing Iron Fist, adding a historical bent as well as tying in to the current Marvel Universe. Aja's moody artwork is fantastic here, and the additional artists handle the historical stuff. Foreman and Fridolfs use a hallucinatory bent to show the 1860 Iron Fist attempting to stop British Imperialists, and Heath – one of the masters of the war comic – catches up with the previously seen WWI Iron Fist. Everything works here, and while this reads well in pamphlet form, “The Last Iron Fist Story” will be a terrific trade in a few months.

The New Avengers: Illuminati #2
This series continues to clunk along. Illuminati is Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed's attempt to ret-con the entirety of Marvel's history to show that six guys (Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Reed Richards and Namor) have basically been running the show from behind curtain #3. The first issue didn't work all that well, but was at least entertaining as an extended fight scene. This issue, showing Reed's quest to recover the Infinity Gems just sucks. It's slow, dull and misses the mark completely. To top it off, the most ludicrous scene in comics this week happens here. And remember, this is the week Civil War #7 finally shipped. Anyway, Reed has the Infinity Gauntlet; the Watcher arrives and does a mind-blowingly stupid “Say it ain't so, Joe” routine with him.

Just awful. Jim Cheung's art is sure pretty though.

Punisher War Journal #4
I hate the Punisher, I'll just get this out of the way. I bought this solely on word-of-mouth and a liking for Matt Fractions rather odd take on superheroes. And this is terrific. A supervillain funeral for the Stilt-Man, a couple of hero cameos and a dozen excellent moments. A drunken Princess Python calling Spidey “Peter Shhpidermun”, the Gibbon continually explaining what a Gibbon is (“A Gibbon is sort of like a monkey”), the Will O'the Wisp being held at the door, a poorly programmed Doombot... it's just classic. It hearkens back to the heyday of the Giffen/DeMatties run of Justice League International, where they featured the Darkside Bar, where the supervillains talked shop, got drunk and played cards.

And then the Punisher kills everybody. Reminds me why I hate the Punisher.
Cable and Deadpool #37
This title is just Deadpool for the time being, so Fabien Nicieza can figure out just what the hell they're doing to Cable over in Uncanny X-Men. Which is okay, because a Deadpool solo book is always good for a laugh. Weirdly enough, just like Punisher War Journal, this takes place in a supervillain bar. A bar for really lousy supervillains. Infinity TAP? Slough? Foot of Doom? Did Nicieza just make those up? Anyway, Deadpool gets shrunk down to Ant-Man size, flushed down a urinal and eventually kicks everybody's ass. It's just dumb fun, and isn't that what comics are about?

Civil War #7
I just can't put it off any longer can I? This is the Big Deal this week, and Big Deal is a pretty apt description. After seven issues spread over 10 months, innumerable spin-offs and crossovers, Civil War just sputtered to a stop. Since this project was announced, Marvel would tell anyone who would listen that this was a moral question, nothing but ambiguity and shades of gray. That lasted about five minutes. First they put Captain America as the lead of the resistance. Then they turned Tony Stark into Mr. Junior Fascist leading the other. Secret prisons, supervilliains sent to hunt old friends, the cloned Thor. Is there any question who the fanboys were supposed to root for? A more subtle writer (and company) could have actually made this an involving story. Hell, the idea is brilliant, but after a good couple issues it went all to hell. After all this, here in the final issue Millar STILL doesn't seem to know the characters at all. I question if he's ever even read an issue of Fantastic Four. I wonder why Marvel let him get away with writing his Ultimate Captain America instead of the accepted MU version. I wonder why Black Panther would decide that teleporting everyone a hundred feet in the air over a city block was his best move. I wonder why Bishop, a mutant who comes from a future where the government hunted down mutants would side with.... the guys who hunt down superheroes. Why wasn't Iron Man ready for the Vision phasing through him. Haven't they fought before, you know, back when Vision was created by Ultron? Most of all, why would Captain America decide the price was too high – not while standing over the body of his dead friend – after a couple buildings came down in a city that's been destroyed approximately 670 times before?

Now, I would like to mention there are some nice moments here. Steve McNiven's spectacular art matched with Morry Hollowell's jump-off-the-page colors. Spider-Man kicking his way through five opponents in front of an awestruck Reed Richards. Hercules punching the head of the Clone Thor clean off. Sue Storm flattening the Taskmaster. Namor and his men coming to the rescue. This is what Mark Millar does as well as anybody: big, dumb, Michael Bay-on-paper fun. The problem is that he already has a book for that. It's called the Ultimates and it comes out about once every six months. This book, which calls on decades of Marvel history, is supposed to be more than that, and it fails miserably.

You know what's really insane? After all this mess, I'm genuinely excited about what happens next. The order in the Marvel Universe has changed. Now, will this be like DC's One Year Later, where they mentioned it a couple times and then forgot about the whole thing? Or will this be a real sea change?

Best of the Week: The Spirit #3 A lot of contenders like She-Hulk, Invincible, Robin and Immortal Iron Fist, but this might be an automatic when The Spirit comes out.

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