April 11, 2007

It's Way Too Early for Campaign '08 Update: Mitt Romney

So, last night I was watching C-SPAN again. (Normally, I insert some sort of witty explanation here, but I'm busy, so let's just stipulate that I'm a loser and move on.) I happened to catch former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney giving a speech in Keene, New Hampshire. Romney is one of the guys I haven't seen much of, but is one of the Republicans I want to know more about.

The reason is that I'm concerned about the Democrats. I have yet to be entranced by any of the primary contenders for the Democratic nomination. Hillary leaves me cold; I'm amazed at her ability to sound like a condescending scold every single time she opens her mouth. She's worse than Sam Brownback. PG over at Half the Sins of Mankind loves Barack Obama, and she keeps coming up with tidbits to entice me, such as quoting comparisons of Obama to my beloved Adlai Stevenson, but I'm not on board yet. If the primary process is like finding a date for the prom, Obama is the foreign exchange student who appears on the scene halfway through senior year: sexy, worldly, appealing, yes. But do you really know about her? What if she's harboring some secret you aren't aware of? Obama has been on the national stage for exactly four years, having in that time won a grand total of one election, against the certifiably nutso Alan Keyes. We don't know where his skeletons are yet. It might turn out, say, that he clubs kittens and drowns them in the Potomac in his spare time. We don't know. Edwards has been pretty solid so far, but I haven't gotten over his Breck-girl act from '04 yet. He seems more knowledgeable know, but in the sense of a student who pulls an all-nighter and reads the whole textbook the night before the final. And we only need look at the current occupant of the White House to see how well the cram-for-the-Presidency strategy works. Richardson is clearly smart and capable enough, but he has all the charisma of Dick Gephardt on Sominex. And the remaining contenders are about as likely to be nominated in 2008 as I am. I've taken a few tentative steps toward Edwards, I guess, but no one's blown me away yet.

Given the fact that no Democrat has got me smitten yet, I've kept an eye on the Republican field to see if there's anyone I can get behind, on the theory that I'd rather see a Republican I respect in the White House than a Democrat I'm squeamish about. Unfortunately, I'm not sold there either. McCain seems to be the popular choice of crossover Democrats, but I think his primary allegiance is to himself and his ambition. When bipartisan was cool, McCain schmoozed the press and made conciliatory noises. Now that the Republicans appear to want a true believer, he's hastily (and somewhat crankily) assuring every one that he's a conservative's conservative. I believe McCain has sold his soul, Damn Yankees-style, in order to be president, which makes for fascinating literature, but not what I'd like to see in a real-life president.

Rudy Giuliani is the flavor of the month for the GOP, but I'm not a fan. Honestly, I'd rather listen to Hillary scold me for 4 years than see Rudy in charge. He's a bit of a fascist, and we'd do well to remember that he was wildly unpopular before September 11th. Yes, 9/11 changed everything. But it didn't change the fact that Giuliani is a thin-skinned bully with an authoritarian's flair for control and a hall monitor's passion for unnatural order. If none of that matters to you because Giuliani was a strong leader on the worst day in American history, then I understand. But waging war isn't the only thing the President does, and I'd prefer someone with a more balanced personality.

Among the second tier, Brownback is a man of principle, which I salute, but unfortunately, I disagree with him on just about everything. Mike Huckabee is affable and (I believe) has a real shot at winning if he can get more public attention. Alas, I'm a little burned out on cheery Southern governors who conceal their conservatism in a velvet glove at the moment. Jim Gilmore is delusional - he was a terrible governor of Virginia, he alienated so many people in his own party that he had a plum RNC slot yanked out from under him, and now he thinks he can be President? How cute. Tommy Thompson's a good guy, but his 15 minutes were up years ago. Fred Thompson is a moron who doesn't seem to like politics much; the fact that many conservatives seem to view him as a savior says a lot about the strength of the Republican field.

That leaves Romney. And I admit that I didn't know as much about him as I should. I knew that he was a reasonably popular and effective governor of Massachusetts. I knew that he is a Mormon (a fact that seems to appall and frighten many people, but not me). And I knew that he had a reputation as a flip-flopper. Apparently, having the kind of views that will get you elected governor of Massachusetts won't fly if you want to be the Republican nominee for President. So Romney has been running steadily to the right on... well, pretty much everything. Guns, abortion, gay rights, immigration, health care, you name it.

Honestly, flip-flopping probably bothers me less than it bothers most people. For one thing, there's a certain hypocrisy in the accusation. When a guy flip-flops away from your chosen views, he's unprincipled. When he flip-flops toward your chosen views, his thinking has evolved. Besides, "flip-flopping" is a charge that is often aimed at candidates who refuse to speak in the prescribed media-friendly soundbites. If Senator Blutarsky's views on a subject are too complex or lengthy for the public's attention span, he's branded a waffler.

Also, if Romney is actually a moderate trying to dress in conservative's clothing for the sake of the primary, that would be a plus (from my perspective). I'd certainly rather have a closet moderate like Romney in charge than an unapologetic right-wing conservative like, say, Brownback.

So, I came to this TV experience fully prepared to give Romney an honest hearing. What I saw amazed me. The half-hour or so I spent watching Romney at work convinced me of one thing: There is a job for which Romney would be absolutely perfect.

Alas for him, that job is not President. That job is game-show host.

Think about it: What makes for a good game-show host? You need to be good-looking, authoritative without being overbearing, genial, and you need to speak well. Romney is all of that in spades. He's a remarkably handsome man: tall, square-shouldered, firm-jawed, well-tanned. He speaks with perfect diction and a booming voice. And when he answers a question, locking eyes with the questioner and flashing those capped teeth, he's a match for Chuck Woolery at his best.

Of course, all of the above qualities also make for a good Presidential candidate as well. So why do I say Romney is better suited to "Love Connection" than to the White House? Because he sounds so patently insincere.

Compare Romney to, say, Bill Clinton. Clinton is also a handsome man, and he also has that game-show-host ability to connect with people. But Clinton always sounded perfectly sincere in everything he said (even when he was lying through his teeth). Romney sounds like he's reading all his answers off of cue cards held up by his operatives.

For instance, one member of the audience in New Hampshire asked Romney about the Second Amendment. Romney responded by saying that he was "after the NRA's endorsement," and admitting that he had recently joined the NRA "because if I'm going to ask for their endorsement, they're going to ask for mine." Which sounds like blatant pandering, but that's beside the point. Romney then segued into personal anecdote mode, describing his history as a hunter. "I've been a hunter pretty much all my life. I've never really shot anything terribly big," he said, and described a youthful experience shooting at rabbits out west, and a recent quail-hunting trip. As Romney attempted to fake enthusiasm for blood sport, he sounded about as convincing as someone who responds to charges of racism by listing all his black friends. (It came as no surprise that, when enterprising reporters looked into it, the two hunting trips Romney described were the only two times he'd ever been hunting in his life.)

Later, someone asked what he would do to reduce crime and violence. In the middle of a fairly boilerplate answer about providing more cops and such, he launched into a speech about making sure teachers get paid on merit, not seniority. "The teacher's unions may not like that idea, but it's good for America," he said. Now, it's certainly possible to argue that improving education for kids in inner cities will help keep them off the streets (I certainly believe that), but why go that far out of the way to take a slap at the teacher's unions? I got the impression that someone told Romney to make sure he insulted the NEA (always a popular target with Republican audiences), and he was afraid that no one would ask him about education specifically, so he shoehorned the slam into the first available question.

This is why I think hosting is the way for Romney to go. No one expects Chuck Woolery to be sincere. But they'd kind of like to see it from their President. Honestly, if I was a conservative, I'd be insulted that Romney thought that merely mouthing the words I wanted to hear would be enough for me.

"But, Fred," I hear you cry, "if Romney obviously doesn't mean these conservative platitudes he's spouting, isn't that a good thing? Weren't you hoping he was really a moderate trying to fake conservatism?"

Yes, that's true. And it would warm my heart... if I could trust that he was really a moderate. The truth is, I didn't pay that much attention to him when he was governor of Massachusetts, and never saw him speak, so I don't know if he sounded more convincing when selling himself as a moderate-to-liberal Republican than he does in his current incarnation. In other words, I don't know if he's a man of moderate principles trying to wear a right-wing disguise, or if he's a man of no principles who is willing to do the chameleon act to match the sentiment of his audience.

So Romney's not my man. Sorry. But cheer up, Mitt: the Game Show Network is on line 2.

Posted by Mediocre Fred at April 11, 2007 02:03 PM | TrackBack

Doesn't sound sincere? It would be one thing to say he isn't sincere about his conservative positions, but to say he doesn't sound sincere is sort of superficial, don't you think? Maybe we should be wary of how a candidate we don't agree with "sounds." Everything Clinton ever said sounded insincere to me. Like he was feigning a commonality of experience and understanding with people that was wholly contrived. Of course, I have the benefit of the deposition transcript to confirm just how sincere he is. I also have the public video blasted over and over on the airwaves of an angry man denying; much too similar with the all too guilty criminal defendants I regularly encounter.

Posted by: Timotheus at April 11, 2007 11:23 AM

Mitt Romney is geniune. He's got my vote.

Posted by: independent at April 11, 2007 11:51 AM

Timotheus: Thank you for that very thoughtful comment. It's certainly fair to say that my claim that Romney "sounds" insincere is a cheap shot, but it stems from my fundamental confusion over his rather significant rightward drift on the issues since he started running for President. You're obviously a Romney fan (based on your blog), so let me ask you a question (for you, too, independent): Do you believe that Romney (a) is basically a moderate who's masquerading as a conservative to get the Republican nomination, (b) is basically a conservative who masqueraded as a moderate to be elected governor of Massachusetts, (c) was a moderate before, but has genuinely become more conservative in his thinking in the last year or so, or (d) hasn't changed his positions at all since he started running for President?

This isn't a trap or an attempt to be snide; I'm sincerely curious. You seem like a smart fellow, and I'd like to hear a thoughtful pro-Romney view on this.

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at April 11, 2007 01:47 PM

Supposedly Romney's style, sincere or not, works for some of the conservative faithful; reports from CPAC said he won over many people there, whereas Giuliani came in on an ovation but left much of the audience cold.

Oddly for a civil libertarian, I am less troubled by Giuliani than most liberals and libertarians I know, probably because 1) I can't imagine he would be any worse on matters like privacy, warrants, etc. than the current administration, and 2) his experience in NYC is reassuring not so much b/c of post 9/11, but because of post World Trade Center 1993. He actually has some clue about things like port security and so on that have been grossly neglected by the current administration. I think he would be much better on homeland security and less inclined toward dubious foreign adventures.

Could you write another post to explain why you think Fred Thompson's a moron? I know him only from Law & Order, where the scriptwriters make him sound reasonably intelligent, and one of my Republican friends favors him.

Also, I would say that finding a primary candidate is closer to finding someone to marry, during which marriage you will live with your parents. Prom is only for a night, after all. In my analogy, you have to keep two considerations in mind: how do you like the candidate, and how will people possibly quite different from yourself like the candidate? To that extent, someone hot and sexy might seem appealing at the primary stage, but then you have to think about the general election: how is this person going to come off to others who may have different qualities that they find desirable? I might like Obama's wonkish side and be untroubled by his youthful indiscretions with drugs, his Muslim father, his black church with slightly separatist undertones, but how will all that play for the general public? If Mom & Dad don't like him, we're out on the street and out of power. So I'll admit that at this point, I'm in more a prom frame of mind than a fully-thought-out assessment of my long term future with Obama.

Posted by: PG at April 11, 2007 04:05 PM

What about Romney's "I've been a hunter all my life" statement he gave to the NRA which was corrected by staff later to mean "I've hunted twice in my life."
I don't know about Romney. He speaks well, looks good, but almost seems to have that excessive ambition that Edwards has.
Still, I think Edwards does sound more knowledgeable this time around, and more willing to take definite opinions (since he's not in the senate anyone and doesn't have to account for votes).

Posted by: Ira Sacharoff at April 20, 2007 12:46 PM

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