April 26, 2007

Ron Mexico is no longer entertaining

There are subjects that are difficult to blog. Some are difficult because I might not have an opinion on them, others difficult because I may lack any particular knowledge. Still other things that are so minute that even a blog mention seems overkill.

Than there are subjects that are hard to comment on because my feelings can be summed up with nothing more than a long primal scream.

This is one of those times.

Michael Vick, the prodigiously talented and oftentimes frustrating quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has had an interesting couple of years. The Ron Mexico mess, the secret compartment water bottle, the “coach killer” comment from his then-head coach's father. More than that, there has been a singular sense developing around the NFL that Michael Vick might not ever become the player he should be. This was all rather entertaining.

Not anymore. Today authorities in Virginia raided a house owned by Vick and located “dozens” of dogs, mostly pit bulls or pit bull mixes, some injured and emaciated. The raid was initially regarding a outstanding drug warrant against Vick's cousin Davon Boddie. What they found was evidence of an illegal dog-fighting ring. Some of the dogs were kept in kennels, others were chained to car axles buried in the yard. There was ample evidence of dog fighting, like a series of treadmills for conditioning, a scale to weigh combatants, and what are known as “rape stands” - locking mechanisms that allow fighting dogs to breed.

I won't get into whatever responsibility Vick has for this. It's unknown if he lived at the property, but not even a professional athlete can be that far removed from life not to know what was happening at the house. Recently the NFL installed tough – some would say draconian – off the field conduct guidelines. Witness the season-long suspension of the moronically criminal Pacman Jones.

I freely admit to be overly emotional about this issue. I have two pit bull mixes, and there are movements all over to the country to get my dogs banned. At this is the reason. Pit bulls are no more likely to become violent than any other breed, but people like this make them so. These dog-fighting bastards turn a sensitive, smart breed into monsters. What's the worst that will happen to Vick? A fine? Maybe some probation? Maybe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspends him for a game or two. And yet this will go on, in every city across our country.

And people will be afraid of the 7-month old puppy who has sat behind me contently chewing a rawhide bone as I wrote this. Perdita was a stray, almost certainly part pit bull. She's a beautiful brindle puppy, all legs and tail. She's smart and loyal and loving. Her most threatening feature is a high-pitched, trilling, almost comical growl that Ensie and I call the “ROOOO of doom.”

And I know damn well she might have been meant to be a fighter somewhere. The same is true of Jeffrey. He certainly looks the part – a black, 80-pound hulk of a pit – a bit high-strung and wary of strangers, but so dangerous he's currently curled up under the covers with my wife. Hell, he was invited to fight. Jeffrey was only about eight months old then, but already about 50 pounds. I'd taken him with me through the drive-through at Burger King (he still does this) and the window attendant asked me if I was gonna “take him to the fights.” I was so stunned I just stammered “no” and drove off.

I should have reported it. I wish I'd punched him in the face.

For more information of dog fighting and how to prevent it, please check out Pet-Abuse.Com. Thanks to Deadspin for the story about Vick.

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