June 15, 2007

Ah, Sweet Victory

Today at work, I was trying to go through a door at the same time as one of my co-workers, who is an Orioles fan. Gentleman that I am, I started to step aside to let him through.

"No, no, after you," my co-worker said. "Nationals first."

Ahh, that sweep was extremely gratifying.

Posted by Mediocre Fred at June 15, 2007 12:31 PM | TrackBack

Nationals first.

Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Posted by: PapaShaft at June 15, 2007 01:01 PM

HI Fred... Hey where's yer durn email link?

I wanted to comment on an old post of yours I stumbled over--*ouch*-- back in January '06 about "Atlas Walk" It was great!!

I about died laughing:

"Plopping a fake small-town street next to the behemoth across the street is like wearing a tuxedo to work at a factory and calling yourself an orchestra conductor."

I LIVE here!! My husband Jim calls Cold-Stone Creamery "Stone-Dead Creamery" for good reason. Enough of that stuff and you WILL be!

I understand completely your views completely. I always feel like a stage light's gonna fall on us--still, I'v spent some bucks there--the guitar place, eyeglass doc, Qdoba, some of thelittle gift shops...even Starbucks.

Well, we're moving to Ithaca NY in September--another unreal world, but at least they admit it when they say, "Ithaca: ten square miles surrounded by reality"...

Very funny post--enjoyed it immensely.

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