July 26, 2007

Quote of the Year (Sports Executive Division)

I'm surprised my blogpartner didn't pick up on this, since it involves his team.

A while back, the Mariners handed Ichiro a big fat contract extension. There has been some debate over whether the contract was too big, particularly considering that Ichiro will be pushing 40 by the time the extension runs its course. You can make the case that Ichiro is a wizard with the bat, is a beloved icon in Seattle, and is therefore worth every penny. Or you could make the case that blowing $90 million on a guy with little power who may well break down in the next couple seasons is excessive. Either is a reasonable position.

Or, if you are Marlins president David Samson, you can declare that the contract is "the end of the world as we know it." This isn't a particularly reasonable position, but hey, it's a free country.

An enterprising reporter asked Mariners GM Bill Bavasi if he had any comment on Samson's assertion. Bavasi, not usually known as a quote machine, responded thus:

My mother always taught me that if the only thing you have to say is, '(Expletive) Dave Samson, then dont say anything at all. So Im not going to say anything at all. Is my mother the greatest or what?

Mrs. Bavasi, apparently, could not be reached for comment.

Bill Bavasi, you are my new hero. Rock on.

(h/t USS Mariner)

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