April 11, 2004

Many Quickies

Jayson Stark has his first Useless Info column up. As always, it's interesting stuff. Most interesting to me: Brave 1B Adam LaRoche becoming only the 4th player in history to get his first 2 ML hits in the same inning.

I was wandering around online newspapers, and I came across this. It’s yet another lawsuit against tobacco companies, this time claiming that “light” cigarettes are fraudulent and may do more damage to smokers. It’s a different twist, but the idea is the same: I did something I knew was dangerous and it hurt me and it’s your fault. Look, I’m no fan of tobacco companies, they seem to be significantly more evil than most corporations, but this is ridiculous. If you’ve started smoking in the last 39 years (surgeon general warning have been around since 1965), and you get sick, it’s your own damned fault. It doesn’t matter if your brand is “light” or “low tar”, cigarettes will kill you. And you know it.

During this time of troubles, we all search for somewhere to belong. And I've found this: The Church of Toasterology. This may save me.

As you might expect with a team that's 0-4, the numbers are really ugly. On offense: the M's are last in walks, last in HR, 11th in SLG, 12th in OBP and (odd for a team that hates K's) 2nd in strikeouts, only 1 behind Baltimore and they've played 5 games. Pitching is atrocious too: dead last in ERA, 1.8 points worse than then anyone, 11th in K's, and last in WHIP. Ugly, ugly ugly. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one growing concerned. Peter over at Mariner Musings, has a very worried muse: If the M's are scuffling later in the season, will Edgar just give it up? Say it ain't so..

I love the Saturday newspapers. Nobody reads 'em, so they run any story they can think of. Like this: Les Carpenter on the Canuckleheads playoff heartbreak.

I've been so wrapped up in baseball opening and troubles at work, I didn't even realize the NHL Playoffs had started.

I really can't believe this. It's almost to goofy to be offensive. Almost...

Okay, this one should have been expected. Tim Hudson has owned the Mariners over the years. Still, fellas, could you make him work a little harder than 86 pitches over 9 innings? The bright spot was Gil Meche, who pitched very well. That and Freddy's performance against the Angels makes me a tad hopeful.

The NASCAR ballet? Are you kidding me? this is some horrid practical joke right? This is my favorite section:

At the wave of the starting flag, 30 dancers will round an oval-shaped stage to New Age music punctuated with the sounds of revving engines. Their suits will be festooned with logos from the show's sponsors. Above, three giant TV screens will show the action from different camera angles while a local sports anchor gives a live play-by-play

FESTOONED with logos? Perfect...

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