April 11, 2004

Week into the Season

Okay gentlemen, that's more like it. The M's avoid matching the worst start in franchise history at the very last minute. Ichiro and Winn with RBI singles in the 9th, Boone homers in the 10th, and Shiggy picks up the win. Still, Moyer was off again, which is worrisome, and 3 walks in a 10-inning game, which is bordeline ridiculous

Well we are a week into the new season.
Most Suprising Team (Good Suprise Division) Detroit Tigers-Is there any question about this? Last year they started 0-9 on the way to losing 119 games. This year they start 5-1 and in first place at the 1-week mark. Of course they won't keep this up, but who cares? Enjoy it Tiger fans.

Most Suprising Team (Lousy Suprise Division) Tie-Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies-Well, of course the last-team-to-win Mariners are going to place, but you have to give up for the Phils too. They have the very same 1-5 record, are already 4 full games behind the Marlins. Oh, and they open Citizen's Bank Park tomorrow. Should be fun. Will Philly fans merely boo? Or will they go ahead and throw things?

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