September 18, 2004

Why the Light Blogging Schedule Mr. Frinklin?

Well, this is it. The weekend is finally here. Just a tick under six months after actually getting married, the Missus and I are having a reception. I took Friday off work, to do a couple things, the most important of which was to pick up my grandmother at the airport. We had to fly her into John Wayne up in Orange County, which meant a nice long trip for me. Still, I'm awfully glad she's here. Due to my father's recent heart attack, he and his wife can't make it, so Grams and my mother are the only family from my side coming.

After the reception is over on Saturday, we're on to Disneyland for a short honeymoon, with the added bonus of a surprise Beloved Mariner game in Anaheim. Yes, the only time I see the M's this year comes in Richard's backyard.

Blogging should pick up after we get back next week.

Posted by Frinklin at September 18, 2004 12:41 PM

I hope you had an enjoyable honeymoon and a great reception.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 18, 2004 02:09 PM
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