September 24, 2004

Simmons and the NFL

Speaking of the NFL, The Sports Guy has a couple of nice observations on the league, both of which deserve comment. This one first….

By the way, I think I speak for everyone here: We don't care about Deion's comeback. Really, we don't. We don't care. We just don't. We really don't care. Please leave us alone. We don't care. We don't care. We just don't care. Seriously, we couldn't care less. Nobody cares. I don't care, you don't care, we don't care, nobody cares. None of us care. Stop writing about him. Stop interviewing him. Stop arguing about him. Stop running features about him. Nobody cares. NOBODY cares.

Yep, I’d say Simmons does speak for all of us. Deion Sanders is a total non-story, an unnecessary comeback from a guy who couldn’t tackle on the off chance he wanted too. Let him play out his season with Baltimore, then head on over to the next season of The Surreal Life , where he most certainly belongs.

Now this….

Here's the point: In the NFL, you get a 15-yard penalty for taking your helmet off after a touchdown, but you can keep playing even when you're facing a federal drug trafficking trial, or a trial for a second drunken-driving offense after the first offense killed somebody's Mom. Nice league. Instead of taking off his helmet last week, Deion would have been better off selling five pounds of coke to the line judge.

Now there’s something you won’t hear on NFL Countdown, will ya? You should of course, it’s ludicrous that Leonard Little and Jamal Lewis are playing through these situations. Even worse is the outcry in St. Louis and Baltimore if they were forced to sit. That’s our No Fun League: If your towel is a half-inch too long, you’re in trouble, but run over and kill someone while drunk, that ain’t no big deal.

And please, don’t give me anything about innocent until proven guilty or that it’s unrelated to their job performance. You, me and every Average Joe knows that if we came to our bosses and said, “Yeah, I’ll need a few days off this year to defend myself against allegations that I was part of a huge drug cartel. You have no problems with that, right?” We would be fired or suspended until exonerated. Lewis and Little should be too.

Posted by Frinklin at September 24, 2004 11:54 PM
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