September 25, 2004

Crap, you want on-the-field football stuff?

The Beloved Cougars travel to Arizona to take on Mike Stoops suddenly feisty Wildcats. This is a serious “gotcha” game for the Cougs, playing against a team that will never give up, despite being out-talented. Add to that WSU’s traditional bad luck and bad performances against UA, and the Wildcats take this one in a squeaker.

The Tolerated Huskies take on Notre Dame in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus. Now this is what I love about college football, people so damned pretentious they think God roots for them. The Huskies aren’t as bad as people think. They have, in Kenny James, an actual, honest-to-God stud running back, and Paus was adequate at QB last week. If the defense can tighten up against the run, admittedly a big if, U-Dub can win this. The Irish aren’t all that good, despite wins over the Michigan teams.

The Seahawks will beat San Francisco this weekend, but they won’t cover a ludicrous 10.5-point spread. The Hawks haven’t played all that well, and the Niners aren’t as bad as people seem to assume. Seattle wins, but don’t give anybody that many points.

The Marty Schottenheimer Death Watch stumbles on this weekend, as the Chargers head on the Denver to face the Broncos. Denver always beats San Diego, usually by huge margins. This week isn’t any different, especially with Marty’s brilliantly confused handling of the QB situation. Put this team, and this man, out of his misery, please.

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