October 16, 2004

Football? Do I even dare?

Yeah, what the hell. As I mentioned last week, I’m pulling a George Costanza and going against my instincts. I’ll probably screw up even more.

This weekend we have the Beloved Cougars, looking to rebound after a heartbreaker against Oregon, at home against Stanford. My first thought would be that, while neither team is hot, Stanford has looked better all season. So we go the other direction, and take WSU in a close one.

The Huskies, fresh off their epic win over San Jose State, is a 6.5-point underdog at home against Oregon State. The Beavs have been the favorite in this game two years running, and have gotten killed both times. OSU, after falling in OT against LSU (which is clearly not as big a deal as was once thought) has been pretty lousy too, but still better than the Huskies. Oh, what the hell, UW wins this. Why? I dunno… nicer uniforms?

At this point in the season, who would have thought the Colorado State and SDSU would have 3 wins combined? The Rams come to Qualcomm, and after two lackluster performances, the Aztec crowd will be so thin as to seem invisible. Neither team has played up to potential, but I take CSU. They’re due.

In the NFL, the Beloved Seahawks get up off the mat and travel to New England. All the have to do there is snap the Patriots 19-game win streak.


My first thought is the ‘Hawks just get clobbered here, but we go against that and, in another “what the hell” move, take Seattle. Call it the SI Jinx or a motivated Seattle team or a banged-up New England team: I’m not sure.

The Chargers, winner of two straight in, I dunno, 30 years it seems, head down to Atlanta in what is suddenly a pretty good game. Both my instincts and my brain tells me that a third straight win is just too much to ask for, especially against Michael Vick.

Someday, I’ll turn this around.

Posted by Frinklin at October 16, 2004 12:11 AM
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