October 16, 2004

I won't be your monkey

One of a host of great lines from Jon Stewart on Crossfire, the video of which is now available here on Ifilms. The confrontation between he and Tucker Carlson, who is being a dick here, is priceless.

Carlson does, rather obtusely, raise an interesting point: Stewart has always held that The Daily Show is a comedy show, but it's been proven that some people, especially those in my age group, use it as a source of news. Does this give Stewart the responsibility to act as a serious newsman?

Posted by Frinklin at October 16, 2004 06:42 PM

No, it gives our generation the responsibility to stop being idiots and get their news from legitimate news sources. Stewart's never made any secret of being a fake newsman. If our generation fails to grasp this, perhaps we should lose our right to vote. Perhaps we should also be sterilized, lest we breed a new generation of idiots.

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at October 18, 2004 05:35 PM

Exactly, Fred. I agree. If "The Daily Show" has to get more serious, then I want a lot more laughs out of the "real" nightly news.

Posted by: ensie at October 18, 2004 08:01 PM

That's interesting Fred, what would you define as a legitimate new source? Fox news? The CNN clowns that Stewart takes pot shots at? How about Dan Rather?

(I'm partial to the BBC, they have their problems, but it's better then most American news outlets...)

Posted by: Elliot at October 25, 2004 06:52 PM
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