October 29, 2004

Where Frinklin dares talk about football

At this point, I’m ready for basketball. No, no I’m not. I hate the NBA. I’ll pay a little attention to the SuperSonics, but not a lot. This weekend we have the Huskies against the hated, hated Oregon Ducks, the Cougs get their turn in the barrel against USC, and the Seahawks try to regroup against the Carolina Panthers. Down south the Chargers host the hated Raiders, and the SDSU Aztecs take on the Utah Utes, for homecoming no less.

The easy ones go first. I love the Cougs, and will watch them tomorrow afternoon. I will watch them get killed. The wheels are on the verge of falling off for this season, and against USC, it’s gonna happen. Alex Brink will have no shot against the fast and aggressive Trojan defense, and if Derek Anderson and Kellen Clemens can rip apart the WSU secondary, why can’t Matt Leinart?

The Huskies head down to Autzen to take on the biggest rival they have, most likely to get killed by them too. Oregon isn’t great. Kellen Clemens is still a bit inconsistent, and the Duck defense is mediocre at best. Still, the Dawgs can’t score at all, and Oregon can. This ain’t gonna be pretty.

The Seahawks, on an awful three-game losing streak, take on the defending NFC champ Carolina Panthers. They are at home, and Carolina is terrible, as their best 25-or-so players are hurt. Still, the Panthers always play with intensity, something the ‘Hawks lacked last week. Seattle should win this, but after Arizona, anything is possible.

San Diego, after winning at Carolina, head home to take on the Hated Raiders. Oakland usually fills up about 1/3 of Qualcomm for this match-up, even with the Bolts strategy for keeping Raider fans out. Whatever scheduling genius came up with having this on Halloween must be nuts. This game is a brawl anytime, but it could get ugly this weekend. This game will be on TV locally for the first time this year. The Chargers are the better team. They’ll win.

Finally, the Aztecs, thinking they’d be a better team and this would be a huge showdown, scheduled Utah for their homecoming game. Well, this isn’t a showdown, and it could be a blowout. The Utes are a legitimate Top-10, maybe Top-5 team. SDSU is suddenly another year away. Shouldn’t be hard for Urban Meyer’s boys.

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