January 27, 2005

KotOR 2…I mean 3!

The first Knights of the Old Republic 3 rumor is up from a supposedly reliable source called “The Hedgehog”.

Obsidian’s New Baby Jedi?? George and crew are most pleased with the initial performance of KOTOR, so pleased in fact that KOTOR 3 is well into development! This time however expect everything to be new and improved! An all new next-gen engine is being prepped as is a modified battle system that will place a heavier emphasis on the lightsaber. There are even whispers that the game may be shown in some form at E3 THIS year, though I’d expect it to be far from completion, perhaps nothing but a video!

The Hedgehog’s Take- Are we finally going to encounter the real Sith, or will we be stuck fighting cheap imitations again??

As much as some people would like to see Bioware come back to the franchise, that is not an option. Bioware has previously announced it will no longer work on licensed properties. If OE is given enough time to complete a new game they will do an excellent job. The fact that there might be a video at this year’s E3 isn’t a good start. I would hate to see KotOR 3 rushed as TSL was.

Posted by Frinklin at January 27, 2005 04:07 PM

i would love to see HK-47 and T3M4 return, they hopefully and most obviously the ones to link em all together like how 3-CPO and R2D2 are in all.
however the problem in KOTOR1 being T3 not having a big enough part in 1 made up for it in 2 TSL yet HK-47 was (in my opinion)was more funny and more violent in 1, and he was depraved of this in 2.

i also didn't like the fact that in the scenes where bao-dur would talk to T3, etc, Mandelore didn't recognise/speak with T£ or HK-47 >_

Posted by: Sylver at November 4, 2005 05:33 PM
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