January 28, 2005

The Super Bowl is WHERE?

Ahh.. the dead week, where the columnists start reaching for stories. One of the old standbys is to rag on the host city. This time, they have a point. Jacksonville? Really? While I'm very happy for citizens of the largest city in America, as measured by square miles, I can't imagine why the Super Bowl would end up there. It is Florida... sorta. Just not the cool part.

I would love to see a future Super Bowl in Seattle. I won't, since Qwest Field isn't a dome, and if the NFL puts one above the Mason-Dixon line, it damned well better be indoors. Since Detroit in January is so much preferable inside than Seattle is outside. Anyway, just leave the game in San Diego, LA, New Orleans and Miami, with the occasional shout-out to Palo Alto. Everybody else, especially these awful New South cities like Nashville and Jacksonville and Tampa-St. Pete can forget it.

Tony Kornheiser had a I-hate-this-place article this week, and its classic.

Have you ever been to Tampa? It's heaven, if you like Waffle Houses.

Jacksonville makes Tampa look like Paris!

Jacksonville has this one great thing, the TPC course with the island green on No. 17. (Which is actually in Ponte Vedra.) And the rest of it can be described with this phrase, "Welcome to Hooters."

Posted by Frinklin at January 28, 2005 07:16 PM

I've never understood why the Super Bowl can't be in the north. They play the Championship games in mid-January outside in Philadelphia & Pittsburgh (or wherever), why not the Super Bowl in early February?

Unless you're going to the game, why do you care what the weather is? And if you're going, presumably you won't care anyway.

Rain, snow, sleet, freezing tempreatures - I say let's have it.

Posted by: John at January 31, 2005 05:49 AM

The NFL sells most SB tickets to corporations and other high muckety-mucks. They aren't really football fans, they're there to be seen folks. Those kind of people don't want to be out sitting in the cold.

Posted by: frinklin at January 31, 2005 03:10 PM
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