May 10, 2005

SOOOOOOOPER Sonics update

How not to win a playoff series in which you are a decided underdog: lose the first game in horrific fashion, get your superstar player and sixth-man hurt, and then proceed to bitch about how mean the other team is.

Thank you for playing Sonics, enjoy the home version.

Is it that bad? Yeah, it probably is. The Supes were killed on Sunday night. San Antonio could have beaten them by 50 had they wanted too. After getting blown out of the gym, the Sonics now have to come back minus Ray Allen and Vladimir Radmanovic. They still don’t have anyone to play adequate defense on Tony Parker, either. And please Ray, I know you’re upset about getting hurt and yes, Bruce Bowen might be the dirtiest player in the NBA, but shut up. This is playoff basketball. It was a weenie move when Sacramento bitched about the Sonics; it’s still a weenie move now.

I think they’re toast.

All the lower seeds might be toast. Among the group of Seattle, Dallas, Washington and Indiana, did any of them look good enough to win a game, let alone a series? The Mavs might have a shot, just because of how awful they played at times against Houston. They’re used to it.

Posted by Frinklin at May 10, 2005 05:06 PM
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