July 14, 2005

How we ended up with another pet a mere week before moving.

The Missus and I both took today off work. Initially this was to be a Disneyland trip, the last before we moved. But, once we realized the giant tasks in front of us (like, ya know… moving), we decided to skip it and work today on finishing some stuff, like packing the garage and setting up utilities up in Tacoma.

Speaking of which, thanks to our asshat seller, we can’t set up our electricity, trash and sewer service yet. It seems that is bill is yet another he hasn’t paid. Until he does -it will be taken out of his proceeds from the sale- the utility company will not set up service. Also found out the dickhead took a weeklong vacation and didn’t tell his realtor, so he isn’t available to sign until Monday. But I digress…

Today we had to run some errands, including heading to the grocery store. There are only two grocery stores in the small town where we currently reside, a Stater Brothers and an Albertson’s. This will come up later. Anyway, as we left the store, the Missus noticed a group of small children holding a tiny kitten. The children, about 8, 9 and 10 we think, told us that the kitten was for sale. Ensie asked them where they got the kitten. The kids said right here. The missus asked them when. The kids then argued amongst themselves and eventually settled on a few weeks. It seems they picked up this kitten from a group being given away. Their pregnant mom won’t let them keep it. They hadn’t taken the cat to the vet, and had been feeding the poor thing dog food. This kitty, who they had named Sandy and mistakenly thought was a girl, had giant eyes that melted the missus heart quickly. She made me hold him, probably as payback when I did it to her (that was when we ended up with the Jeffrey). He made a little mewling noise and I thought he was almost unbearably cute.

We couldn’t do this. We’re moving in a week. We have no extra money for kitten food and shots and a vet check-up and eventual altering. Ensie called her mother, who is very much the soft touch when it comes to kittens. They recently picked up a stray named Morris, whom they thought was a kitten. Turns out Morris was actually a cantankerous old man-cat. Anyway, that house was full. We thought about it, and decided against it. The kids were a little disappointed, and we moved on.

Only we didn’t. Neither of us could get those giant eyes out of our head. Both of our dogs were strays adopted at in-stores, and neither had been a planned thing. You just know when it’s right, right?

We made it all they way home, and realized we needed to hit the other grocery store. We went up to Albertson’s did our shopping there. Along the way we ran across a woman buying 12 bags of kitty litter, which both made us think about the cat even more. Then, while waiting in the check-out line, we ran into an old friend of Ensie’s family who runs an amateur animal rescue. We asked her about our predicament and she had a simple answer: if it feels right we should do it. We agreed to think it over more, and maybe even check back later.

Then I noticed it. The kids were here, with the cat. They had moved to the other grocery store. Well, obviously we were meant to have this cat. And now we do. We’ve bounced around some names and we think we’ve stuck with Percy. Now my wife is cat-blogging.

And we have a new member of the family.

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Percy. Nice.

Posted by: Richard at July 14, 2005 09:29 PM
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