July 17, 2005

Weekend Update

Our last weekend as California residents. How did we spend it?

1-By skipping Comic-Con for the first time since I moved to San Diego. It just wasn't feasible, both time-and-money-wise.

2-Packing a lot of junk.

3-Thinning our mass of junk. This means trips to various thrift stores for donations, the dump, the computer electronics recycling station and much, much time spent saying things like, "Do I REALLY need this?".

4-Packing a lot of junk.

5-Assimilating the new kitten into the family. This has gone fairly well, except for a fairly sketchy Saturday night with the dog.

6-Seriously, we have a lot of junk.

7-Debating our cable TV options. We have corporate giant Comcast or we have the city-run Click Network. Click actually has slightly fewer stations and I'll have to go elsewhere for my internet connection, but they actually give me the same price every time I contact them. Comcast I've called twice and checked their website several times: each time a different price. Puh-leeze people.

8-Wondering if I'll have a job in Seattle. Against expectations -and perhaps their better judgment- Comehugeco is considering transferring me to the Seattle office. I interviewed Friday and will find out Monday. I've never wanted a job I hated more.

9-We've both polished off the new Harry Potter (that would be HP and the Half-Blood Prince for those of you living under rocks). We bought one copy on Saturday morning. We've both finished it. Don't ask how.

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