July 19, 2005

The Madness is upon us

We aren’t even halfway through moving, and I’m already nuts. Lucky for me, I’m not alone. The Missus is nuts too. It’s Tuesday night as I write this, and much of our lives are packed away in boxes. Not enough is packed away of course, I can still think of (and see) much that needs to be done before Thursday. Or Friday. Or whenever the damned movers decide to show up. See, according to the guy we made our reservation with, we were supposed to get a call 48 hours before the truck showed up to lock in their arrival time. We scheduled them to show up on Thursday. It’s about 90 minutes before Wednesday starts. Oh dear…

Now, how do I know the madness is here? That would be when my wife starting yelling at me when I was on the phone. Actually, she was yelling in my direction; most of her ire is directed at the cable company with whom I’m on the phone. I’ve been debating the merits of various cable companies, and I ended up picking Comcast. I called today to set up service and promptly got yet another different price quote. This time it included a hefty 44.95 a month for cable internet service. Hell with that, I thought. I’ll go with the other guys. Of course, I couldn’t set up anything with the other guys because they close at 6 PM.

Between the movers, and the utilities and the not-packedness of our lives, we’re at wits end. Throw in the fact we’ve given up on actually cooking food and have been surviving on Big Macs and donuts every day for a week, plus the heat wave hitting our area -95 and humid every damned day- the Frinklin house is close to imploding.

The good news? The house is officially ours, as we closed just after 5 PM pacific. Plus I have a job to help pay for this. The corporate behemoth has allowed me to transfer, and even start when I want to.

Now I just have too survive that long.

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