October 25, 2005

Frinklin Football Wrap-up

Can we just skip the college stuff this week?

Oy vey…

The Huskies took on USC and lost 51-24. Like the Notre Dame game, this wasn’t quite as bad the score looked, but the Trojans made it clear they could score at any time against the Huskies, and the Dawgs just didn’t really belong on the same field. Now that the Montlake Death March is over (Cal, UND, UCLA, Oregon and USC-yikes!), maybe Washington can actually get some wins along with their slight improvement. Next up is Arizona State, which (shockingly!) has floundered, going from a team with a couple close losses to quality teams to a massive disappointment. Hard to believe from the Sun Devils isn’t it?

I took a different tack with the Cougars this week. After the UCLA game I looked at the Cal game and decided I would skip watching it on TV. The Missus and I ended up taking in Elizabethtown (review pending) and skipped the Cougs. When we came home –imagine my surprise- WSU was winning. Not only were they winning, they had come from 18 down. Now, a smarter and slightly more suspicious man than I would have steadfastly refused to watch the end of the game.

I am not that man. For the third time in 4 weeks I saw the Cougars lose a lead in the fourth quarter. I am now completely speechless. I have no idea what is with this team.

-Oregon losing Kellen Clemens and Dennis Dixon kills their outside shot at a BCS at-large bid. Opponents will now load up to stop Terrence Whitehead and Jonathan Stewart and the Duck offense will go nowhere.

-Again: Arizona State can never be trusted. Other than that one Jake Plummer-led Rose Bowl team the Sun Devils are never as good as you think.

-Rough day for star quarterbacks. Clemens from Oregon and DJ Shockey both go down with injuries. Georgia is on the knife edge already. Losing their best player doesn’t help, especially with Florida on the horizon.

-Am I completely insane or is Northwestern the best team in the Big Ten? If they aren’t they sure the most entertaining.

-I don’t like Texas. I don’t like Mack Brown. But I really dislike Mike Leach and Texas Tech, and it was awfully nice to see them get obliterated like that.

Now, did anything exciting happen in the NFL?

Sunday was actually much rougher in the Frinklin household than you might think. The Missus did get to watch her beloved San Diego Chargers, but she sure didn’t enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my lovely wife more angry that people who aren’t me in my life. The Chargers lost on an absolutely inexplicable fashion. After coming back against a nasty Eagle defense, they lose on a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown? The Bolts, described this week as the best 3-4 team in NFL history, just can’t get it done.

The Seahawks know how they feel. At least, they did until this season. God, I really don’t want to read too much into this, but three times now this season they’ve won where in the past they would have lost. They held against Atlanta. They won on fumbled punt in St. Louis, and now this. A victory, when they didn’t play well at all, against a good Dallas team. A good Dallas team that crushed their spirit in coming back last season. Is this the best team in the NFC? No, I don’t think so. I’d go with whoever comes out of the NFC East, but the ‘Hawks have a victory over Atlanta, Carolina can’t get untracked and Tampa hasn’t beaten anybody.

God, I’m gonna get crushed by these guys again, aren’t I?

-Cincinnati still isn’t quite ready for prime time. The Steelers just ran right over them. Plus they might lose stud rookie David Pollack for the season. That hurts.

-I’d wait to coronate Eli Manning until he can win on the road, thank you very much.

-Been nice knowing you Joey Harrington.

-You too David Carr

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I like Northwestern a lot. But they're not the best team in the Big 10. Penn State beat them at Northwestern and they barely survived against Wisconsin. We'll learn much more about the Wildcats in the next few games, though. They still have Ohio State and Michigan to wade through.

I think they can beat OSU. But then I'm a Penn State guy, so I would.

Posted by: zb at October 26, 2005 04:07 PM
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