November 22, 2005

What is going ON here?

Since moving to Tacoma, the Missus and I have noticed one thing: Nothing good ever happens south of Seattle. Now this may be an overstatement, but in the last week we've had a nutcase shoot up the local mall with an AK, a couple of high school kids get run over by a train, a serial rapist, and now we even get a shout-out from Bookslut regarding the very clumsy censoring of a local author (and his gay-themed book) by the University Place school district.

Now, you can find things like this in any city in America. Maybe not all at once, but you can. The funny thing is about Seattle and Tacoma is that none of the happy stuff in Tacoma is ever reported. If you're watching the local news and they mention Tacoma, bet on somebody being dead.

Rather depressing and frustrating.

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