November 23, 2005

Frinklin Football Wrap-up

Considering this came down to a battle for last place in the Pac-10, the Apple Cup wasn’t bad. The Cougars finally won a close game; the Huskies lost yet again, and we get a small and rather meaningless fight at the end.

Again, not bad.

Certainly not good though. Either the Husky offense is really pathetic or the Cougar defense is better than we thought. My guess it’s a combination of both, though considering the Dawgs couldn’t get any run game started after Sims went out, I’m leaning toward the former.

Neither team had a season to be proud of though.

Elsewhere on Rivalry Day

-Is Lloyd Carr on the hot seat? It sure seems he should be. Michigan finishes a very disappointing 7-4, and the last few minutes of the Ohio State game were atrocious. Next year will be huge for the Wolverines, but the team will look much like it did this season: most everything comes back on offense, but the defense will be in some trouble.

-Speaking of the hot seat: Hello Phil Fulmer! Was Tennessee really thought of as a national championship contender or was that some sort of giant hallucination? Not only did the Vols lose, they lost ugly, they got in trouble doing so, and they lose a game to Vanderbilt for the first time since the Reagan administration. Problems in Knoxville run deeper than Randy Sanders’ play calling.

-I think the Oregon Ducks are going to get screwed by the BCS, but they sure should be in the Fiesta Bowl. I can’t see how the BCS could consider 2 2-loss teams (Notre Dame and Ohio State) over Oregon.

-Every year Clemson starts slow and finishes fast. Tiger fans are getting pretty tired of this.

-If the Texas-USC Rose Bowl were played today, Texas would win. The Trojans defense is just too porous to win at this point. However, give Pete Carroll six weeks to prepare and things work out much differently. Oh, and I’m not sure Reggie Bush is human. 500 yards total offense by one guy? Jiminy Christmas…

Now, for the Sunday games:

I have one thing to say about the Seattle-San Francisco game, and that is “RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!”

Did we really see a team shooting for home-field advantage in the playoffs comes down to a botched 2-point conversion to hold on against this team? Where did all my confidence in this team go? Next week against the Giants is very, very big. Beating a good –but not great- New York team will get these guys back on track.

Oh, and can anyone explain why we didn’t re-sign Ken Lucas? He’s speeding toward the Pro Bowl with the Panthers, and his replacements, the always-hurt Andre Dyson and the always-burnt Kelly Herndon surely aren’t. Doesn’t Trufant-Lucas-Babineaux sound better than Trufant-Herndon-Dyson?

-When does Aaron Rodgers get some snaps? It’s obvious that the Packers aren’t going anywhere, so why not give the kid a shot? It sound horrible, but Brett Favre isn’t going to be with this team when they’re good again.

-Did Kurt Warner sell his soul for a good game against the Rams or did it just look that way?

-Are the Bears better than advertised or are the Panthers overrated? I think both are accurate right now. Chicago’s defense is excellent, and if Kyle Orton can continue to not screw up, the Bears are dangerous. I’ve never been completely sold on Carolina though. They have no run game to speak of and no receivers past Steve Smith.

-Please ESPN; keep the Texans on TV as much as possible.

-The San Diego Chargers seem hell-bent on being the best team in NFL history not to make the playoffs.

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