January 14, 2006

Oh, Tony... what are you doing?

I like Tony Kornheiser. Yeah, I know he's been loafing for years now, but I enjoyed his ESPN Radio show and PTI is watchable only when he and Wilbon are there.

But this... this is just stupid. Kornheiser loves his "I hate this city" column, it's a staple of Super Bowl week. Hell, I even linked to last year's rip on Jacksonville.

So, I kinda expected a shot or two. What I wasn't expecting was a half-asssed (Really, that's an insult to half-assedness. this is maybe a fifth of an ass) schlock.

Ripping on the rain and Starbucks? How very 1992 of you Tony. Hell, he even throws in a Pearl Jam joke. Usually TK's 20 years behind the times in music. Now he's up to 10. There is a lot to make fun of in this city, but Tony... Tony never even comes close.

Steve Kelly rips back, in his own painfully unfunny way. Much better is this from Brooklyn-based and Seattle-raised blogger Jed.

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